Asus Router IP address

Asus Router IP address

The Asus routers come in different designs and are known to deliver a high Wi-Fi performance.

They always have the default settings when purchased for the first time. There are several IP addresses for the Asus router. Every router will be assigned a unique IP address that can be used to communicate with other networks. They also have the internal IP addresses which is used to access the user interface of your router. Some of the IP addresses of a router include,,, and They fall in different IP classes but execute the same functions of a networking device.

Logging in using the Asus router IP address

The internal IP address is used to access the user interface of a router. The first procedure is to open any web browser and type in the link then click the ‘Enter’ button. It is important to first determine the specific IP address of your router before beginning the login process.

You will be directed to a prompt window which requires you to fill in the login credentials. You will use your default username and password. If you had previously changed the security settings, then you will use the new passphrase to gain access to your router’s interface.

If the login process is successful, it will direct you to the home page of your Asus router. Here, you can configure a variety of settings to match your specifications or preferences. Ensure that you save your settings before logging out. If you have secured your router with a unique password, store it in a safe place where you can remember.

Troubleshooting the Asus Router IP address

It is common for most users to experience connection problems while attempting to loginto the user interface. If you find it difficult to go past the login screen, there might be a few factors that are causing the problem.

Check to ensure that you are entering the right IP address. Most people type 1o.1o.1.1 instead of which is the correct IP address. It is much easier if you copy the link and paste it directly in the URL text field of your web browser.

If you have entered the IP address correctly but still cannot access your router’s administrative panel, it is likely that you are using the wrong IP address to your router. If you had changed your IP address, use the ‘Command prompt’ to find the default gateway. You can also contact the internet service provider for more information.

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