D-link camera login

D-link camera login

The D-link cameras are known to offer a high performance the fact that they are manufactured by a reputable company.

You can login to your camera’s administrative panel to configure the settings according to your preferences. They come with the factory settings at the time of purchase. These configurations can always be altered to suit the needs of a user. The D-link cameras also have a user manual in their package which gives you a step by step guide of tuning your camera. It is useful in case of troubleshooting making it easier to solve light issues of your camera.

To setup your new D-link camera, you need to ensure that your computer is equipped with the necessary standards that can operate your camera. Enable the ActiveX and Java controls. Also, check to ensure that your web browser is updated. Once you manage to download and run the setup wizard, it will provide you with a step by step procedure of installation. You can connect and configure the settings of your D-link camera. It will also guide you to register with your ‘mydlink’ account.

Logging in to your D-link camera

You need to have the login credentials to gain access to the home page of your D-link camera. You can use ‘mydlink’ app to access your camera feed easily using any compatible device. It is a free app for Android, Windows, Ipad, Android tablets and Iphones. This app can allow you to monitor all the activities using your D-link camera.

Most users enjoy benefits such as 2-way audio, remote monitoring and pinch zoom. There are a lot of features not mentioned that are accessible depending on the model of your D-link camera. To access your home page, open any web browser and paste the link, http://www.mydlink.com. Sign in using your mydlink account that was registered in the Install wizard. Once the login process is successful, it will direct you to the Mydlink homepage. Here, you can alter the variety of settings to suit your preferences.

D-link camera location

The most essential part of setting up your camera is selecting a location. You have to be sure on what you are monitoring and at which angle should you place the camera for a perfect view. The D-link camera can be positioned on a shelf where it can stand on its support. Another option is to mount the camera on the wall at the corners or close to the area being monitored. It will also depend on your preferences. You can also check the user manual for a detailed information.

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