D-Link Router IP

D-Link Router IP

D-Link is one of the best router models, and they are useful in providing constant internet connectivity. They operate on default settings that can always be altered to suit your preferences.

The default IP address of the D-Link routers is 192.168.01. They may vary depending on other D-link models. They also come with a username and password which are used to access your router’s interface.

How can I change the IP address of my router?

The D-Link IP addresses are not always permanent, and they can be altered in the network settings according to your specifications. The procedure used in changing your IP address should be followed carefully to ensure that your router is operational after the alteration.

  • The initial step is to enter the default IP address into the address bar of your browser. Type in the link as http://192.168.01 and click the ‘Enter’ button.
  • A new window will appear prompting you to enter your login credentials. You will enter your default username as ‘admin, ‘ and the password is always left blank. Afterward, you can click on ‘Log In’ to access your router’s interface.
  • Click on ‘Setup’ then ‘Network Settings.’
  • You will then type in the new IP address of the router and a subnet mask under the ‘Router Settings.’ The IP address used to gain access to the web-based management interface is the one to be configured in this section.

  • To access your network for the second time, you will need to alter the network setting on your computer to be compatible with the new changes. The simplest way of refreshing the system is by disconnecting and then reconnecting.
  • Ensure that you have entered the details correctly before clicking on the ‘Save’ button. The device name will be ‘dlinkrouter,’ and it is always optional to enter your local domain name. Do not forget to enable the DNS Relay as it is useful in enhancing the internet connection.

There are many things you can do while in the administrative panel of your D-Link router. If you are using a static IP address on every device or your network already has a DHCP server, then you should uncheck the ‘Enable DHCP server.’ If your network has devices that require permanent IP addresses, then you need to add a ‘DHCP reservation.’ to each router. Other configurations in the D-Link routers include ‘USB settings,’ ‘Internet settings’ and the ‘Wireless Settings.’ Always remember to save your settings after making any changes to your router’s interface.

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