Foscam default password

Foscam default password

The Foscam IP camera incorporates new designs of the recent technology in delivering excellent performance.

There are different varieties of the Foscam cameras, and they come with default login credentials. It uses ‘admin’ as the default username and does not require a password. Other login credentials will vary depending on the various versions of the Foscam Camera.

The wireless IP cameras have become popular over the years as they are readily available. They include both the indoor and outdoor cameras. When purchasing the Foscam cameras for the first time, they will have a default password and username that can be used to access the user interface. They can also be altered to enhance the security. You can perform different settings while in the administrative panel of your Foscam Camera. If you change your password, then you have to use the new password the next time you are logging in. The default password for most Foscam cameras is indicated as ‘admin’ but may vary depending on the different models. If you are not sure, you can always check your user manual for detailed information.

How can I set a static IP address for my Foscam Camera?

There are different methods you can use to set a static Internet Protocol address for your wireless camera. The method will involve fixing the IP on IP Camera Tool.


Highlight the right-click the camera and navigate to ‘Network Configuration.’ Double click to alter the settings therein if you receive a message that the subnet does not match.

You will then set a unique IP address for your camera. The initial three numbers of the IP address are similar to the connected router. The subnet mask is It is important for you to know that the DNS server and Gateway are the router’s IP address. Create a port number and then enter the username and password before saving your settings.

If there is an IP address, navigate to ‘Network Configuration’ and set the static IP address by clicking the ‘Ok’ button.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you had altered the default password, then you need to use it to log into the user’s interface. The only choice you have is to perform a hard reset. If it is an indoor Foscam camera, you will keep it powered on, and hold the reset button underneath for about 15 seconds. Once it reboots, you can release the hold, and it will restore to the default settings having no password and ‘admin’ as the username. If you have an outdoor Foscam camera, you will also keep it powered on before pressing and holding the reset button for about thirty seconds. It will reset to default settings similar to the indoor camera.

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