Hikvision default password

Hikvision default password

The Hikvision IP camera has undergone a series of upgrades over the recent years incorporating advanced technology.

They come in different brands, and their settings can be altered according to the user’s preferences. It is always tedious to find the default password for your IP camera especially if it is a second hand or you lack the login credentials. The previous versions of Hikvision cameras required you to enter ‘admin’ as your default username and ‘12345′ as your default passphrase. The upgraded firmware 5.3.0 is slightly different and requires you to create a unique password for your IP camera.

Setting up the Hikvision IP camera

There are essential steps you need to follow to allow your IP camera to be detected via a web browser or accessible on a network.

You will first start by plugging your camera into your router or network switch. Insert the CD that came with the Hikvision Camera to your computer and search for a folder labeled ‘SADP.’ Double click the SADP setup to initiate the installation procedure. A list of Hikvision devices that are connected to your network will appear after the program opens automatically. Your default IP address will be

The next step is to find your network’s default gateway.

Click on Start Menu and type ‘cmd’ into the search bar. Type ‘ipconfig’ in the new prompt window and hit the ‘Enter’ button. You will get information concerning the Default Gateway, Subnet Mask and your default IP address. Note down the listed numbers beside the ‘Default Gateway.’

You can now navigate back to the SADP program since you have the default gateway. Click on it to select your IP camera. There is a section on your right indicated as ‘Modify Network Parameters.’ Locate the field named ‘IPv4 Gateway’ and type in your Default Gateway.

The next step is to assign a corresponding IP address to the Default Gateway. The IP address can encompass an array of numbers provided it follows the format ‘192.168.1.x’. Choose a unique IP address that is not being used by other users on your network. 100 and above may be perfect. Afterward, you can type it in the field at the top named as “IP Address.” Enter the default password as “12345” before clicking the ‘Save’ button. After logging in to your IP camera’s interface, you can carry out different actions.

Download the plug-in by clicking the link then exit your web browser. Find the downloaded file, run and then proceed with the installation. Repeat the procedure of logging in to your IP camera’s interface. You can now view the live videos of the Hikvision camera.

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