Mikrotik Default Password

Mikrotik Default Password

Mikrotik is one of the reputable companies that offers a complete solution for the wireless connectivity needs.

It focuses on both the home networks and the ISP center of operations.Since its introduction, Mikrotik Company has been on the forefront to manufacture quality routers and wireless IP systems. These routers have been supplied in most parts of the world giving a new experience to the users.

The Mikrotik router comes with the factory settings when purchased for the first time. Each of the routers uses an IP address to gain access to the user interface. In the administrative panel, you can change a variety of settings to suit your preferences. These default settings can be altered and replaced with unique passcodes, or configurations that improve the performance of the router in executing different functions. The default username of the Mikrotik routers is ‘admin’ and doesn’t have a password. To secure your router, you need to create a unique passphrase. It is useful in preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to your router’s interface.

Logging in to your Mikrotik router

There are many settings that can be configured once you gain access to your router’s administrative panel. The first thing you need to have is the IP address. Most of the Mikrotik routers use IP address. If you cannot find your IP address, the best way is to check the internet or the manufacturer’s website.

Since you have your IP address, open any web browser e.g. Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera etc. Type the link in the URL text field then hit the ‘Enter’ button.

A new prompt window will appear which requires you to enter your login credentials. The Mikrotik router uses ‘admin’ as the username and leave the password blank. Click on the ‘Login’ or ‘Ok’ button to proceed to the next step.

If the login process is successful, you will be directed to the home page of your router. You can change any settings to match your specifications. The best way to secure your Mikrotik router is by assigning a new password with a mix of characters. It is always advisable to store it in a safe place in case you forget it in future.

If you happen to have forgotten your new password, the primary option is to reset your router. It will erase all the recent configurations restoring your router to the factory settings. The next time you log in to your router, you will use the default username and password.

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