Motorola Router Login

Motorola Router Login

Routers have become the ultimate devices for providing a stable internet connection.

Motorola is one of the favorite brands of routers that have incorporated the recent technologies in their structures and performances. They differ according to their features but have protocols that operate in the same manner. In this review, we will look at different aspects of the Motorola router.

Default login password

Most brands of the Motorola routers share the same login credentials. The first step is to access the interface of your router. Start by typing in the IP address in your browser’s address bar before clicking on the ‘Enter’ button.  A new window will appear prompting you to enter your username and password. It is important to note that the login credentials differ depending on the model of the Motorola router. Some lack the username and passphrase while others will only have either of the two credentials.

The default login password for the Motorola models is often typed as ‘motorola’ without the quotes. Others will use ‘admin,’ ‘router’ or ‘password’ depending on the brand. It is always important to check the manual for your router’s password or contact the manufacturer if it is lost or unavailable. In most cases, it uses ‘admin’ as the username while others lack the credentials.

Resetting your router’s password

If you have not made any alterations on the default password, you can change it by logging in to your router’s interface. Open your web browser, enter the IP address and hit the ‘Enter’ Button. You will then type in your default username and password correctly for a successful login. Once you are in the administrative panel, you will go to the ‘security’ tab and change the password.

If you had changed it previously and you forgot it, then you need to reset your password. The best way is to perform a hard reset which restores the settings of the router to the original defaults. Hold down the reset button for about thirty seconds to execute the process. You can then log in to your router’s interface using the default credentials.

The IP address used to access your router’s administrative panel also differs depending on the Motorola models. It is also advisable to note down your new password and store it in a safer place to allow you remember in future. Motorola is one of the reputable companies and manufactures quality products. Most of their routers have unique designs and offer excellent performances.

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