Synology default password

Synology default password

The Synology routers are one of the competing models of networking devices that create a fast home network that is highly customizable.

They are made of different designs and features which characterizes their effectiveness and performance. The Synology routers come with the default login credentials when purchased for the first time. The username and password of similar router models will always be the same as long as they originate from a single manufacturer. Their IP addresses may vary and it is important to determine the address of an individual router. It is essential in gaining access to the router’s administrative panel.

Logging in to the Synology routers

Since you have the IP address, open any web browser and type the IP address in the URL text field. Most of the Synology routers use as the default IP address. Click the ‘Enter’ button to proceed to the next step.

It will open a new window prompting you for the login credentials. You will enter ‘admin’ as the default username and leave the password blank then click the ‘OK’ button.

If the login process is successful, you will be directed to your router’s home page. There are a variety of settings that can be altered in the administrative panel including the security and network configurations. You can also assign a unique password to your router to enhance to prevent access by unauthorized users.

Resetting your router’s password

It is not always recommended to use your default username or password since any one can hack or access the private network. Follow the login process above to enter your router’s interface. Under the security settings, create a new password with a mix of characters to enhance the password strength. If you had forgotten your new password, you will hard reset your device. The procedure involves pressing and holding the reset button for about fifteen minutes. It will restore the router to the default factory settings.

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