Zyxel router IP

Zyxel router IP

The Zyxel routers have been popular over the recent years having unique features that boost their performance.

They are equipped with the latest technology and protocols making them effective in delivering the best internet speeds and a stable connection. It comes with the factory settings when purchased for the first time. The Zyxel ADSL routers use ‘admin’ as the default username, ‘1234’ as the default password and comes with unique IP addresses.

Some of the IP addresses of the Zyxel routers include;,,,,,, and There are other IP addresses that are not in the list but are still effective and used by most of these router model. The Zyxel router IP is useful in logging in to your router.

Logging in to the Zyxel router

You can check the user manual or contact your Internet Service Provider about your IP address. There are other softwares such as ‘Router IP address’ that are used to locate your router’s address.

Another option is using the ‘Command prompt’ by typing ‘ipconfig’ in the blank text field provided.

Click on the ‘Enter’ button to give you the default gateway and subnet mask. You should be able to see your IP address in the default gateway.

Since you have your IP address, open any web browser and type in the link in the URL text field. Click on the ‘Enter’ button to proceed to the next step.

A new window will appear requesting you to fill in the default username and password. Confirm that they have been entered correctly before clicking the ‘OK’ button.

You will be directed to your router’s home page. While in the administrative panel, you can adjust different settings to match your specifications. The IP address can also be changed but would depend on the protocols to be followed when assigning an IP to a router. The first two parts of the address indicate the class of the IP ranges. You should consult the professionals before assigning a new IP to your router.

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