C++ Tutorial

C++ Tutorial

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There is a wide range of programming languages out there. C++ is one of the types of programming languages. It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. This language is object-oriented and is an extension of the C language. The fact that it’s an extension makes it easy for it to be coded in the ‘C style’ or ‘object-oriented style.’ Sometimes users can code this language in both styles, making it the perfect example of a hybrid language.

This language was created for general purposes. Most of the people that use it have an intermediate level of expertise with programming languages. It expresses both high and low-level language features. The original name for this was supposed to be ‘C with classes’ because it has all the same properties of the C language, but with the bonus of classes. In 1983, it was deemed as C++. To pronounce is properly, one must say C-Plus-Plus.

This language is one of the most popular ones used by programmers. It is most commonly used with system and application software, drivers, client-server applications, and embedded firmware. The biggest component of C++ is that it contains a collection of pre-set classes. Classes are types of data that can be implemented at any time and multiple times. This language can also enable the declarations of classes defined by users.

Classes are able to accommodate a variety of member functions that implement certain actions. Several objects within a certain class can be defined to initiate different functions in a class. Users of this language can define objects as instances created in a run time. Some of the classes can be inherited by new classes. The new classes are able to take in the public and protected functions by default.

Within C++, there are several different operators like arithmetic, comparison, bit manipulation, logical operators and many more. Users of this language have discovered that one of its most appealing features is that it can enable overloading of particular operators, one of which being addition. C++ comes with many essential concepts such as virtual and friend functions, templates, polymorphism, namespaces, and pointers.

With so many different languages to use for programming, it’s a wonder how programmers can make a decision about which one they want. C++ has become a crowd favorite. Sometimes programmers are able to write in more than one programming language, but there’s usually always one that becomes a favorite.

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