Changing Your Skype Status

How Do I Change Skype Status to Away, Online, Do not Disturb, Invisible and Offline

The different Skype statuses are: online, away, do not disturb, invisible, and offline. You can also set up call forwarding.

Having a status tells people whether or not you are online and ready to chat. The different statuses are: online, away, do not disturb, invisible, and offline. You can also set up call forwarding. There are many different reasons why someone would change their status. Maybe they’re too busy to take calls, or maybe they don’t want someone to bother them at the current time.

Whatever the reason is, you can change it whenever you want and as many times as you want. People can still contact you when you are in the different status mode, but if you have it set to something like ‘away’ then people will know that you won’t respond until later.

1. After you have signed into your Skype account, look at the top left corner. You will see the tool bar with a tab entitled ‘Skype.’


2. Click on that button and a drop down list will appear. The top option in that list is ‘online status…’ Scroll over that option and you will see your status choices. Click on the one you want and it will change immediately. Your current status will show up next to your profile picture, which is in the top left corner.


Why Bother Changing A Status?

Think about a situation when you see someone that has an ‘online’ status. You haven’t communicated with them in a while, so you decide to call them. They don’t pick up and that makes you angry. You message them too and they still don’t answer.

They may message you a while later with something like ‘sorry, I was busy.’ If they had just set their status to ‘do not disturb’ or ‘invisible’ then maybe they could have saved you a lot of trouble.

Changing a status is basically just a courtesy to your contacts. It lets them know your availability so that they don’t bombard you with calls and messages. Keep in mind, that some people may do that anyways. You can’t control what and when people call or message you. The thing you can control is your status. Be kind to your contacts and inform them of what’s going on.

If you’re ready to talk, make your status ‘online.’ If you’re logged onto Skype, but don’t want to talk set it as ‘offline.’ It’s a quick and easy process and doesn’t take much effort. Take the few seconds to set your status to make your Skype experience, as well as others, stress-free.

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