How to make Phone Calls on Skype

Making Calls on Skype: How to Make calls on Skype

One of the most prominent functions that Skype provides is the phone calls. You can contact any one of your contacts at any time of the day.

Hopefully it’s a time that works for both you and the contact. You have to set your status to ‘online’ or any other status option, aside from ‘offline’, in order to make a call. Otherwise, you will not be able to click on those options. So, once you sign into your account on your computer, make sure to check what your current status is.

1. Start by scrolling through your contact list to see which person you want to call. Click on their name so that your interactions with them show up on the right side of the Skype window.


2. There is an icon in the top right corner that will look like a landline phone. When you click on it, your call will start going through.


It will ring and if your contact picks up you will be able to speak to them. That call will then show up in your list of interactions. You will not be charged for that call since Skype mostly works off of your internet connection.

then show up

3. There is also an option to place a call by clicking on the ‘call’ tab in the toolbar at the top. This tab gives you a drop down list of options to change the settings of your call. You could mute your microphone, answer a call, and more much through the tool bar tabs.


Your contacts, of course, can place calls to you as well. You will be notified of the call immediately, if online, by the sound of your dial tone.

4. Another way to place calls is by pressing the ‘call’ button below your search bar. This call button is on the left side. Click on it and you will see a dial pad show up on the right.

call button

You can call mobile phones and landlines, but it is possible that charges may apply in that circumstance.  You can use Skype credits to place your call, or view your subscription options and the rates. This information can be found to the right of the dial pad.


5. To place a call in this way, simply type in the numbers like you would on a regular phone and then press the phone icon at the top right of the screen. Making calls is a quick and easy experience for everyone.

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