How to Share Screen on Skype

Sharing a Screen on Skype

During a call on Skype, you can share your computer screens with your friends. This allows you to show them something like a photo or a document without having to send the actual file.

When you’re talking to someone during a call, it’s exciting to be able to share something with them and make them feel like they’re right there in the room with you. You have to be on a call to share screens, though, otherwise it won’t work.

1. After you’ve logged in, scroll through your contact list and click on the person you want to call. Set up a video chat with them and you’ll be ready to go.

video chat

2. During your call, there should be four icons in the bottom right corner of your conversation window. Click on the one that looks like a plus sign within a blue circle. A list of options will appear, and then you can click on the one that says ‘share screens…’ Another way to do it is by looking at the toolbar in your Skype window and clicking the ‘call’ tab. At the bottom, you’ll find ‘share screens…’


3. Next, you’ll see two choices by clicking on an arrow for a drop down list. You can either choose to ‘share your screen’ or ‘share a window’. After picking one, press ‘start’ near the bottom of the screen.


You can stop sharing something or change what you share at any time. Just click ‘stop sharing’ which is in your call window.

stop sharing

It’s a quick process, and the share will last all throughout your call unless you stop it yourself. Your contact can share items with you as well. As long as you stay in a call, both of you can share as many things as you’d like.

Important Note

If you click on the ‘share screens…’ button from the toolbar tab while not in a call, a small window will pop up. That window will prompt you to make a call or cancel the option.


There are so many features that can occur in a Skype call and it might be good to know what they are. Call a friend, and play around with all of your options. Explore the features together and you may discover something even more exciting than you did before. Sharing and communicating has been made so easy with Skype, so why not take advantage of all that it has to offer?

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