Sending Files on Skype

Sending Files on Skype

A benefit of Skype is that you can send your contacts information in an instant like pictures, documents, and so on. This is especially useful for people who may be working on a school project together.

Send files back and forth and you’ll finish the task in no time. The reasons for sending files aren’t as important as knowing how to actually send them. You have all this information that you want your friends and family to see, yet you don’t know how to send it. If you follow these quick and easy steps, you’ll be sending files like a professional Skype user.

1. Click on one of your contacts, and see your interactions page on the left side of the Skype window. At the bottom, you’ll see a kind of toolbar. This toolbar has a section for you to type messages and send images, files, video messages, contacts, and emoticons.


2. Click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper with lines on it. It’s located between the picture and the video camera. A window of your computer documents will then pop up. Select which file you want to send, then press ‘open.’

file name

3. The file will be immediately sent to your contact and show up in your interactions page.


Send as many files as you’d like and even send multiple ones at once. You can even send files during a call, and your contact can send files to you. There’s no limit to the amount of files that can be sent. If you’re in a group chat, that one file will be sent to all of the participants. You can send all type of files and they will be on their way instantly.

Why Send Files Through Skype?

When you’re on your computer and you need to send someone something, it’s easy to load it up to Skype. If you’re already online then why not do it there? You could use e-mail or some other form of communication, but they may not be as fast and sometimes there are file size limits. Your contacts won’t have to sort through your e-mail to return back to the file you sent them. They can simply scroll through your interactions in one convenient place. Skype is meant for convenience, and provides many useful features to help us stay connected with loved ones and share every aspect of our lives. Now send your files and have fun!

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