Making Video Calls on Skype

Making Video Calls on Skype

Calling people on Skype has become far more interesting with the video function involved. Making a video call is pretty much the same as making a normal call, except that you will actually be able to see a person’s face.

It’s free to make a video call and you can place as many video calls as you want. If you haven’t seen someone in a long time, but they live far away, there’s a way to feel like you’re talking to them in person! Simply request a video chat and you’ll be on your way to catching up. Make sure that your status is not set to ‘offline’, though, because then you won’t be able to make any calls whatsoever.

1. Start by clicking on one of your contact’s names from your contact list on the left side of the Skype window.

contacts names

2. On the right side, you will see a section of all the ways that you can communicate with that person. To make a video call, click on the camera icon in the top right corner next to the phone icon.

phone icon

Your call will instantly start going through. You will hear the dial tone and if the person answers, then you will be able to see their face.

What Else Should You Know About Video Calls?

Make sure that both of you have a webcam in order to make this happen. You will be able to see your own webcam image that you are broadcasting so that you can center yourself in the screen properly.

Any calls that are ongoing will not be cut off if you minimize the Skype window. You can go about your business on your computer and continue to chat with your contact simultaneously. You can change the settings of the call, like the audio and other similar aspects by clicking on the toolbar tabs. Look through them to see which option will suit your needs. The most important tab to help you in the middle of a chat is the ‘call’ tab.


Talk to your contact for as long as you’d like. The better your internet connection is, the better your calling experience will be. Skype can be used for a variety of things, but its true purpose is to connect to family, friends, business partners, and so. This is the perfect program to help you connect with people that you can’t speak to face-to-face so make the most of it!

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