Skype for Mobile Devices

Skype for Mobile Devices

Skype isn’t just available on a computer or a web browser. It can be used on nearly every device such as a smartphone. This makes it easier for people to communicate with others on the go.

You won’t have to lug around your heavy laptop all day just to Skype with someone, because you can have the program right in your hand. It might be difficult to hold the phone and point the camera at a good angle all the time, but that’s a small price to pay for convenience.

With Skype mobile, you get everything you would with the computer application. You can make free calls to anyone in the world with a video chat or a normal call. A group of friends can chat together too. You can send instant messages, call landlines or other mobiles, and communicate with any other device regardless of if it’s a phone. You can even share files with each other for more enjoyment.

Downloading Skype for Mobile Devices

1. If you want Skype on your phone, you can start by going to the Skype website ‘’ Next, click on the tab that says ‘downloads’ located at the top left corner of the screen.


2. When you’re directed to the new page, click on the image of the phone with the word ‘mobile’ underneath it. You will find a list of five different phones that can have the mobile application.


3. After scrolling down and finding the section for your phone type, click on the button that says ‘get the app’ which has an arrow beside it pointing to the right.

get the app

4. A new window will pop up that will prompt you to type in your phone number so that Skype can send you a link for the download. Once your number is inputted, press ‘send link to my phone.’ You can also visit your phone’s app store if you prefer to use that route. There’s a link to it in this window highlighted in blue.

enter your mobile number

After you get the link and install the program, you’ll be ready to go. Downloading the application, and many of its features, are free of charge. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to use it. If you’re using your data to run Skype, then whatever your data charges are will apply. It all depends on the service provider in that situation. Open up your application and start making some calls!

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