Disk Quota Management and Configuration on Windows Server 2012

Disk Quota Management and Configuration on Windows Server 2012

This article explains how to setup and configure Disk Quota on Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Free step by step guide and tutorial for setting up Disk Quota on Windows Server 2012.

Let’s get started.

1. Login to the Test Server.

2. Now login onto the server, as shown below.

login onto the server

3. Enter your username and password (ABC\administrator) and click OK, as shown below.

username and password

4. On the certificate verification window, click Yes, as shown below.

certificate verification

5. The Next window will show the Server Desktop.

Next window

6. Open the Server Manager from the bottom left corner of the server desktop, as shown below

Server Manager

7. Click on Add Roles & Features from the Server Manager Dashboard, as shown below.

Add Roles & Features

8. Click Next to begin the process, as shown below.


9. By default, Role-based or feature-based Installation is selected already, so click Next, as shown below

Role- based or feature

10. On the next window, continue with default server (Test) selection and click Next, as shown below.

Continue with default server

11. Click File Server option, given under File & ISCSI Services, as shown below.

File & ISCSI Services

12. Then click the File Server Resource Manager option, as shown below.

File Server Resource Manager

13. As you click on this option, it will open a pop-up window for Add Roles and Features Wizard, as shown below.  Click on Add Features.

Add Roles and Features Wizard

14. When you click on Add Features, it will take you back to the previous window, as shown below. Click Next to continue.

Next to continue

15. Click Next to continue.

 Click Next to continue

16. On the Confirm Installation Selection window, click Install to continue, as shown below.

Confirm Installation Selection

17. Click Close once the installation has finished, as shown below.

Installation for the required

18. Click Close once the installation has finished, as shown below.

 installation has finished

19. Now open File Server Resource Manager from the Tool option given in the top right corner of the Server Manager Dashboard, as shown below.

File Server Resource Manager

20. In the next window, Expend Quota Management & Select Quota Templates, you can see there are lot of predefined Quota Templates in the right-hand pane, as shown below

Expend Quota Management

21. We will create our own Quota Template so that you understand how to do so.

22. To create your own Quota Template, right click on Quota Template and select Create Quota Template,  as shown below.

Create Quota Template

23. The Quota Template will resemble the image shown below.

Quota Template

24. Fill in the following information, as shown in the image below.

  • Give the template a name in Template Name
  • Provide any Description for your Reference
  • Select limit size, up to 1 GB
  • Select Hard Quota if you do not want user to exceed the limit
  • Select Soft Quota if you want user to be able to exceed the quota limit, and want only to monitor space used by user.

Template Name

25. Click Add to define Threshold notification settings, as shown below.

define Threshold

26. The Threshold notifications window will resemble the image shown below.


27. The value given under Generate Notification when usage reaches will remain at 85% so select the option Send email to user who exceeded the threshold and click OK, as shown below.

Value given under Generate Notification

28. When you click OK, you will get warning stating that the SMTP server is not configured and due to that, Notification emails cannot be sent.  Click Yes to continue, as shown below.

SMTP server

29. You can see that Warning Threshold has been set for the Quota Template, so click OK to continue.

Warning Threshold

30. You can see the Quota Template of 1 GB limit has been created.

Quota Template

31. Now we will create a new folder (named Quota) in the C Drive of the computer.

named Quota



32. Close this window and go back to the Quota Management window, select the existing 1 GB Quota Template, right-click on it and select the Create Quota from Template option, as shown below.

Quota Management window

33. Click Browse to define the Quota Path (Folder) on to which quota will be applied.

Browse to define the Quota Path

34. On the next window, select the folder (Quota) and click OK.


35. Click on Create to create the quota on the folder.

Create to create the quota on the folder

36. To verify, we will copy some heavy size (1.30 GB) data into the Quota folder in the C drive and observe the result, as shown below.

some heavy

37. You can see that the data has started copying, as shown below.

started copying

38. Soon you will get the Threshold exceeds warning notification that you defined on this folder.

warning notification

This is how we will define the disk quota on the folder, so that users cannot save data in a limited amount space, which has been defined by the Administrator(s).

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