Setup Shared Folder Permissions on Windows Server 2012

Setup Shared Folder Permissions on Windows Server 2012

This article explains how to Setup Shared Folder Permissionsr on Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Free step by step tutorial or guide for Setting up Shared Folder Permissions on Windows Server 2012

Let’s get started.

1. Login to the Test Server.

2. Now login to the server, as shown below

Setup Shared Folder Permissions on Windows Server 2012

3. Enter your username and password (ABC/administrator) and click OK, as shown below.

username and password (ABC/administrator)

4. On the certificate verification window, click Yes.

certificate verification window

5. The next window will show the server desktop


6. Open the Server Manager from the bottom left corner of the server desktop, as shown below.

Server Manager

7. Click on File & Storage Services in the Server Manager Dashboard, as shown below

8. It will show you the file server details, as shown below:

  • Volumes
  • Disks
  • Storage Pools
  • Shares


9. Select the Share option and click on Create Share from the Task button in the top right corner OR the alternative is to go to the C Drive and create a New Folder for sharing purposes, as shown below.

Create Share

10. Before that, we will go to C Drive to create a folder, and name it Test





11. Then come back to the File & Storage Console.

Storage Console

12. Click on New Share and continue with the default settings by clicking Next, as shown below

Share and continue

13. In the Server Path Selection folder, select Custom Path, and click Browse, as shown below.

Server Path Selection folder

14. Select the Test folder and click Select Folder.

Test folder

15. It will come back to the location (c:\test) so click Next.

location (c:\test)

16. In the next window, click Specify the Share Name if you wish to do so – otherwise it will take the default name automatically.  Click Next.


17. On the Configure Share Settings, continue with the default settings and click Next.

Configure Share Settings

18. The next page will show the default permission for that folder. If you want to edit the permission, you can do so by clicking the Customize Permissions button, otherwise click Next.

default permission

19. On the Confirm Selection page, click Create.

Confirm Selection

20. You can see that the Share has been created


21. To verify, go to the C Drive and right-click on the Test folder, and on the Properties page, select the Sharing tab – you should see that the folder Test is now shared.

C Drive

This is how we can manage folder-sharing permissions in Windows Server 2012.

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