Installing Windows Server 2012 on Virtual Cloud

How to install Windows Server 2012 on Virtual Cloud

This article explains How to Install and Configure Windows Server 2012 on Virtual Cloud. Free step by step study guide and tutorial for Windows Server 2012 Installation on Virtual Cloud.

Welcome to the virtual Server clouding; now a day’s every small and medium company is moving from physical environment to virtual environment.

Now the first question will come on your mind that why corporate world is moving from physical server to virtual server environment. The big advantage of this is ease of server administration. In earlier years we used to mount lots of servers for each application in Racks in data center.

For example a company is running with 20 applications for its production environment if it goes for physical servers then it has to install 20 physical servers for each application now think for virtual server environment for the same scenario, you just need very less number of servers to create virtual environment.

In this step by step study guide you will learn the process of how to install Windows 2012 Server on virtual cloud server.

Here we are going to install windows 2012 server on virtual cloud. Below given are the steps.

  1. Login to Virtual Cloud, in our case Virtual cloud application is Citrix.
  2. Windows Server 2012 You can see we have 6 physical Servers hosted in this virtual cloud environment. To start making a virtual server select any server, right click on that & select create VM as shown in the below screenshot,
  3. Windows Server On the next screen Select the Template to start the installation of  the server, in our case we have selected Windows server 2012(Experimental) Template as shown in below screenshot.
  4. Installing Windows Server 2012 Click on Next
  5. Give name to New Virtual Server & click on Next as shown in the below screenshot.
  6. New Virtual Server On the Next Screen select the location where the media (Windows 2012 Server Media) is saved & click on next as shown below.
  7. (Windows 2012 Server Media) On the Next screen select the Home server for virtual server so that sever will always be start up on this server if it is not available than any other available from the same pool automatically. In our case we will select 6 number servers as shown in below screenshot.
  8. Home server for virtual server Click on next
  9. On the Next Screen Allocate Processors & Memory by drop down list & click on Next, in our case we will allocate 4 CPU & 8 GB memory (8192 MB) because server required more resources to work.
  10. 4 CPU & 8 GB memory On the Next screen allocate storage for new virtual server, click on properties to go to storage location window.
  11. storage for new virtual serverBy clicking properties you will see the filer(storage) location choose the virtual disk space, in our case we allocate 100 GB disk space
  12. (storage) location choose As you click on ok you will get back on previous window now you can see your new server has 100 GB of disk space allocated as shown below.
  13. 100 GB of disk Next window will allow to configure network for your new server as shown below, 
  14. configure network It will show 4 network card but we required single network card so we will delete rest three & click on next as shown below.
  15. network card Now our New Virtual server is ready for configuration because we have done the configuration as shown below.
  16. Virtual server is ready for configuration Click on Create now to start the server creating process.
  17. Server creation process started we can see the logs by clicking on logs Tab.
  18. Server creation process started By selecting the Test server & clicking on Logs it is showing that Server VM has been created successfully & the new server is getting starting.
  19. Server VM By click on console tab we can view the server starting process as shown below.
  20. server starting process In the windows setup screen it is asking to choose the language, Time zone & keyboard method so that it could provide you the same, we will let it installed in default mode by clicking on next button as shown below screenshot.
  21. Windows server 2012 Click on Install button to start the windows server 2012 server installation as shown in below screenshot.
  22. windows server 2012 server installation  screenshotSetup is starting as shown in below screenshot.
  23. Setup is starting On the next window we will choose windows server 2012 standard ( Server with GUI) to get the Graphical user interface of the server & click on server
  24. windows server 2012 standard ( Server with GUIAs we will click on Next button, we will get another screen asking use to agree for windows license agreement. We will select I Agree option & click on next as shown in below screenshot.

  25. windows server 2012 standard ( Server with GUI)Select Custom installation option because there is no operation system in this virtual server to upgrade.
  26. Custom installation Select the Drive 0 Unallocated space & click on next.
  27. Drive 0 Unallocated space It will start copying windows file.
  28. copying windows fileNow it will start getting file ready for installation
  29. getting file ready for installationAs installation complete it will start installation windows features & update.
  30. installation windows features & updateThe next screen will show that windows server is getting starting up.
  31. windows server is getting starting upAfter starting up, it will ask you to enter the password for first built in User Administrator in our case we will give [email protected]
  32. AdministratorClick on Finish.
  33. Click on FinishOn the next window it will show you the lock screen of windows server.
  34. screen of windows serverClick on (Send Ctrl+Alt+Del) button given on the top down left corner of the console.
  35. Click on (Send Ctrl+Alt+Del) button The next screen will ask you the password to login with administrator.
  36. password to login with administratorGive password you have given ([email protected]) for administrator & click on arrow key button as shown in below screenshot.
  37. Give password you have givenThe next screen shows you loading server manager console at start up.
  38. server manager You can close this & now you can see the desktop of you new virtual windows 2012 server
  39. virtual windows 2012 server.Server installation on virtual server is completed. 

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