how to join Computers to a Domain in Windows Server 2012

How to add and join Computers to a Domain in Windows Server 2012

This article explains how to add and join Computers to a domain on Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Free step by step guide for joining Computers to a Domain on Windows Server 2012.

In this step by step study guide and tutorial you will learn the process of how to add and join computers to a domain in Windows Server 2012.

Let’s get started

1. Login to the Domain Server(

2. Now let’s start with login onto the server as shown below.

join Computers to a Domain in Windows Server 2012

3. Give username & password (abc\administrator) & click on ok as shown below.

username & password (abc\administrator)

4. On the certificate verification window click on Yes button.

certificate verification window

5. Click on the Left down corner to open start menu as shown below.

open start menu

6. When you open start menu you can see the Active directory & Computers is pin on start menu. Click on that.

Active directory & Computers

7. The next window will show you the Active directory management console.

Active directory management console.

8. Now we will go to the Computers Container & check what it has stored in it, Note: whenever we add/join any computer into domain, it automatically go to the computers container.

Computers Container

9. You can see that Computers container is empty right now, when we join computer in domain it will automatically go to Computers container, now we go to Client computer & will see that how to get the same join in domain.

10. We will go to the Client computer to make it join the domain. For that we will open System properties in my Computer in client computer as shown below.System properties in my Computer

11. In the System Properties click on Change Settings option as shown below.

System Properties click on Change Settings

12. The Next windows will show you the Computer properties; there you have to click on change button as shown.

Computer properties

13. On the Next window you can see the computer name is user-PC.

computer name is user-PC

14. Change the Computer name to Test1 & in the Domain option type & click on ok as shown below.

Computer name to Test1

15. As you click on OK button it will ask you the User name & password to get authenticated with domain server as shown below


16. Provide the username & password (Administrator & [email protected])of domain server & click on OK as shown below

Provide the username & password

17. As you click on OK you can see the welcome message of domain joining.

click on OK

18. To check & verify, go to the Active directory console on Server & see the computer container, you can see Test1 computer has joined the domain.

see Test1 computer

This is how we get other computers joined in domain.

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