Everyone has at least seen a computer at some point. It’s more likely that they’ve played on one or used it for business purposes.

Some people use their personal computers in every aspect of their daily lives. Some would even go as far as to say that they can’t go a day without using their computer. The term computer involves more complicated aspects than just PC or MAC. A computer is an intricate machine of systems that compute information and follow instructions.

Computer programs are what take on these instructions and complete the actions. That’s part of what differentiates computers from calculators. Both of these compute actions, but calculators only comprehend immediate inputs. Many modern day calculators can be considered computers. They have various programs installed with them to carry out complex tasks.

Computers range in size and are able to complete millions of calculations at once within seconds. Some may take longer to implement calculations, even the simplest ones. Generally, all computers are capable of doing the same things. As long as a computer has the right instructions and can hold enough memory, it doesn’t matter what size it is. A small computer with the same specifications as a large one can possibly complete the same functions. The amount of time it takes to accomplish a task will take longer with a smaller system though.

In the past, all computers used to be large and required plenty of power. They could only complete a small number of tasks. Over time, computers were built smaller, used less energy, and could complete more tasks. Many devices today contain their own computers like cellphones and GPS units. These computers help operations function properly and come equipped with many features.

This type of computer is called an ‘embedded’ computer. Embedded computers only serve a few purposes that are solidified by the manufacturer. Other computers are able to be upgraded with newer versions. There are some changes allowed with an embedded system, but the features are generally always consistent.

Computers assist in the progression of modern society. We can carry out many tasks at once at unbelievable speeds. Information can be accessed and stored in an instant, with rarely any wait time. People are always coming up with new and innovative ways to improve computers. They have become very important parts of our lives and we may use them more often than we think.

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