The SATA 6GB/s is the latest version of architecture for platter-based hard drives. The 6GB/s stands for the rate of data transfer for six gigabits per second.

It works at twice the speed of the earlier generations of SATA. SATA technology has breathed new life into hard drive technology. It switched from wide inconvenient parallel ATA data cables to narrow serial cables and connectors.

The duplex serial communication has helped to forge faster speeds than parallel technology ever could. It has opened the interior for computer cases making better air flow. This is an important component for a CPU to function more quickly and to have increased capacity on the disk drives.

The original SATA had a maximum transfer rate of 1.5GB/s. The fastest PATA drives were equal to the SATA speed, but were clunky and maxing out their capabilities. SATA still has much more to offer. The second-generation of SATA had a transfer rate that was limited to 3GB/s. Now the third-generation has come along and it’s called SATA 6GB/s. Its specifications are outlined right in the name for easy identification.

The Serial ATA International Organization is what designs SATA standards. They have decided that the third-generation should go by the name with its specifications to avoid confusion with the other generations. The original SATA also goes by the name of SATA 150. The second-generation is referred to as SATA II, SATA 300, or SATA 3. It can be confusing to call the second-generation SATA 3 when there is also a third-generation out there. This organization needs to be picky about their names so that consumers can clearly understand the specifications of each SATA generation and not confuse it with a different one.

These new SATA drives are available for all consumers to access. A benefit of SATA 6GB/s is that it is compatible with earlier versions while using the same cables and connectors. If someone is upgrading to the new SATA generation, it’s easier than buying or installing a brand new drive. This SATA version also pairs fluidly with USB 3.0.

SATA technology has become increasingly popular over the years. Many new technologies create more problems than they are worth, but SATA has been a crowd favorite ever since its release. Several consumers are impressed with the reliability and capabilities of both SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0. Together these two pieces of technology create a near flawless experience for the user.

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