L3 Cache

L3 Cache

L3 Cache is also known as level three (L3). This cache unit is a specialized memory system.

It works in tandem with the first and second levels of cache to improve a computer’s performance. These three levels of caches are all connected to make up a computer processing unit (CPU) that runs like a well-oiled machine.

This is a much faster system than something like a hard disk cache, considering the various levels. The CPU helps to fulfill the needs of a computer’s microprocessor. The levels of the cache help process the information and instructions from the CPU with little to no delays.

When a request is submitted by the microprocessor, the CPU checks the first level (L1) to start with. L1 holds small pieces of data so that it is prepared when a request is being made. This stored data speeds up the retrieval of information. It’s the smallest level and can work the fastest.

If there is more information needed that L1 does not have, then the CPU will move onto the next level (L2).  This level has much more cache stored than the first. It functions a little more slowly too. The final stage is L3. The CPU will check this cache level last. It’s much larger than L1 and L2, and consequently slower. An L3 cache can get rid of bits of data if it is needed on a different level. On the flip side, it can also make copies of data and store it. Whether it can make copies or not is dependent on the CPU.

A CPU system is much faster than a computer’s random access memory (RAM). CPU is designed to prevent various issues that RAM cannot. Usually, the levels like L3 are built into the motherboard of the computer. Some CPU models are designed to incorporate L3 and the other cache levels into its system. Having cache readily available in a system is a much more efficient process. It’s faster and cheaper to place cache in the CPU rather than the motherboard.

Cache works quickly and can aid in the improvement of a computer’s performance. The more cache that is in a system, the faster a computer will complete a request. L3 is the biggest part of a CPU and works fluently with the other levels. Having a good design for a CPU is an important component of fast and efficient performance.

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