Difference between a Laptop and Desktop Computer

Difference between a Laptop and Desktop Computer

Both laptops and desktop computers are different in their size and functionality. Laptops are smaller and more convenient storage wise and to carry around.

Though desktop computers are large, they tend to last longer before needing repairs or replacement. Laptops are single units, and generally don’t need other pieces to function. With desktop computers there are monitors and various accessories. Additionally, the types of software that can be run on these computers are rarely different.

The size of a computer is the most noticeable difference right away. A laptop has a harddrive, disk drive, keyboard, mouse, wireless modem, and a monitor all in one casing. It can also be folded in half, which makes it look that much smaller. An optional accessory of a laptop is a carrying case. Such cases don’t exist for desktop computers.

The only thing that isn’t a part of the laptop’s inner workings is the charging cable. It’s needed to make it run, but it doesn’t have to be attached to the cable at all times. As long as it’s powered up, it can function without the cable around.

Desktop computers have a large, rectangular tower. This tower consists of all the hardware for the computer. There are other external components like a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and wireless router that all need to be connected to make the computer function.

Desktop computers don’t have charging cables that can be plugged in and out. They have to be plugged into a power source at all times. It generally remains in the same place for its lifespan, considering it needs to be plugged into a wall socket.

The maintenance and upgrading process for desktop computers and laptops are different as well. If someone wants to upgrade their desktop PC, they can install a power source, drives, cards, and more RAM with little knowledge of computers. It can be done cheaper in a home than at a repair shop. Laptops are harder to upgrade without professional help. The internal hardware is often difficult to access and remove. The cost to upgrade and repair a laptop becomes significantly more expensive than if it had to be done to a desktop computer.

Though these two entities can run the same programs and various other activities, there are many distinguishable differences. Laptops seem to be a more convenient choice, while desktop computers are cheaper in the long run for certain things.

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