Difference Between Shareware and Freeware

Difference Between Shareware and Freeware

Shareware and Freeware can both be downloaded from the internet. The main difference between them depends on whether or not someone is meant to pay for the software.

Freeware is self-explanatory. It’s free software. Shareware requires a person to pay for it at some point.

Downloading freeware doesn’t cost a person anything. There are occasions when there is a charge option for this software. The downloaded may be asked to make a donation or upgrade their software to have access to the full version. Even if something is free, there are still terms & conditions attached to it. This is a type of security feature that protects a software developer’s intellectual rights.

Shareware is usually only provided with a free trial. Eventually, the user is going to have to pay a fee if they want to continue using the software. Free trials are useful for people who want to test something out before spending any money on it. If they don’t like the software, then the person hasn’t lost anything, except maybe time.

A free trial is for a set amount of time. This time frame is decided by the people that are offering the software. A user doesn’t have to buy the software when the time is up and they don’t have to use it for the entire trial either. There are generally no restrictions on how often one has to use the software during the trial. There are not many reasons for a trial period to be revoked.

Sometimes there are limitations on shareware and freeware. The most common limitations are pop-up ads, water-marked images, and reminders to buy the full program. Sometimes files can be downloaded as both freeware and software. People always like to try free things, and that is why many files are offered in both formats. Some developers offer software that is a ‘lite’ version. This allows users to access the software without paying for it. There will still be remainders to purchase the full software. This is beneficial to software developers because they can spread the word about their product by allowing people to try it, while promoting the full version at the same time.

Some freeware has a source code which is considered open-source. This type of freeware allows programmers and developers to modify the software to their liking. Open source isn’t always free, but it does come with fewer limitations than shareware and freeware.

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