Ethernet is a type of a communications protocol. It is sometimes referred to as the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

This protocol has become extremely well-established over the years and helps create reliable networks for a user. Ethernet is integrated within several software and hardware devices. It is used as a component to build a LAN (Local Area Network). This is the standard model used for creating LAN’s across the globe.

Every basic LAN system has the same general components. First, there must be two or more computers connected to each other. That’s what creates a network. Next, there must be a network interface card within each computer in the network. There must also be an Ethernet cable connecting these computers. Additionally, there should be a network switch or hub to help direct the networking traffic. Finally, there should be some sort of networking software involved.

An Ethernet is most useful for a network within a single building. To begin creating a connection, the network interface card needs to be downloaded on each computer in the network. Next are the Ethernet cables,which are supposed to run from a network interface card to a particular central switch or hub. Switches and hubs are different in how they interact with network traffic, but they both act as a relay. This element of the network is what receives and then directs data across the LAN network.

Ethernet is a part of a grand plan that makes up a LAN. LAN networking is used to create a reliable communication system. It can help a user share various kinds of data and resources. It can connect printers, fax machines, scanners, and more. It is also possible to have a wireless LAN network. Ethernet ports, as well as every other component of this network, come with an antenna to assist with the connection. Wireless connections, though more convenient, usually require extra configuration and security measures.

There are some networks that are similar to what is involved with Ethernet, but they all have their differences. One of the newest pieces of technology is called ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode). This technology is used to create networks over much larger distances than Ethernet. ATM helps create WAN’s (Wide Area Networks). Though these networks have the same goals, they still work differently in their functionality. WANs and LANs have the same actions, but the connections have different capabilities.

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