Database Models in DBMS

Database Models in DBMS: Network, Hierarchical, Relational and Object Oriented Model

Database frameworks can be founded on various information models or database models individually. An information model is a gathering of ideas and tenets for the depiction of the structure of the database.

Structure of the database implies the information sorts, the imperatives and the connections for the portrayal or capacity of information separately.

The most often used data models are:

  1. Network Model and Hierarchical Model
  2. Relational Model
  3. Object Oriented Model
  4. Object Relational Model

Network Model

The network model and the hierarchical model are the predecessors of the relational model. They build upon individual data sets and are able to express hierarchical or network like structures of the real world.

network model


Relational Model

The social model is the best known and in today’s DBMS regularly executed database model. It characterizes a database as an accumulation of tables (relations) which contain all information.

This module bargains transcendentally with the social database model and the database frameworks in view of it.

relational database model

Object Oriented Model

Object-situated models characterize a database as an accumulation of articles with components and techniques. A nitty gritty examination of article situated databases follows in a propelled module.

Object Oriented Model

Object Relational Model

Object-situated models are capable additionally very mind boggling. With the generally new question social database model is the far reaching and basic social database model stretched out by some fundamental item arranged ideas. These permit us to work with the broadly know social database demonstrate additionally have a few focal points of the item arranged model without its multifaceted nature.

Object Relational Model

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