Select Statement or Select Query in SQL Explained with Examples

Select Statement

The SELECT statement is used for the selection of data from a database. This statement is widely used both by the database administrators as well as developers.


SELECT col_name_1, col_name_2, …, col_name_n

FROM tbl_name;

In the above syntax, SELECT keyword is a command understood by DBMS to fetch data. Col_name_1 and col_name_2 upto col_name_n are the columns to be retrieved. Next, the keyword FROM is a command to specify the source Table and finally, tbl_name is the target table, from where the records are to be fetched.

Another syntax that is quite common in use, is:


FROM tbl_name;

Here too, the SELECT keyword is a command to fetch data, FROM keyword is a command to specify the source table and tbl_name is the target table. The new element is * which is a wildcard and that refers to the selection of all the columns residing within the target table.


SELECT ID, C_Name, Status FROM Customers

ID C_Name Status
1 Tim Robbins Active
2 James Chris Active
3 Kevin Sputnik Inactive
4 Richard Butler Active
5 David McGregor Active


SELECT * FROM Customers

ID C_Name Contact_No City Email Status
1 Tim Robbins +44 54 443-4434 London [email protected] Active
2 James Chris +44 54 498-3476 Birmingham [email protected] Active
3 Kevin Sputnik +44 54 487-6987 Manchester [email protected] Inactive
4 Richard Butler +44 54 422-2345 Birmingham [email protected] Active
5 David McGregor +44 54 413-0989 Cardiff [email protected] Active

Navigation in a Result-set

Most of the database management systems allow navigation within the result-set through programming functions, for instance Go to First Record, Go to Last Record, Move Next, Move Previous, etc.

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