Adding a Caption On Photo before Sharing on Instagram

Adding a Caption On Photo before Sharing on Instagram

Instagram provides users with a wide range of options when it comes to editing a photo. They do everything they can to help users create the perfect post. Sometimes, you may not want to post a photo as it.

 You want to add a little something extra, like a snappy caption. You can add captions to all of your photos to let people know what the photo is about or how you feel about it. Get creative with your captions and get excited. Draw people’s attention in with your intriguing words.

1) Start by going to your Instagram app and clicking on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. It is in the middle of five different options.


2) Select the photo that you want to use from your library or take a brand new one. Then, click ‘next’ at the right corner of the screen.


3) Decide which filters and effects that you want to include and then press ‘next’ again.

three icons

4) The last page is where you will be able to type in your caption. This page is also where you can tag people, add a location, and connect the post to your social media accounts.

5) The caption box is at the top and has the words ‘write a caption…’ within it. To the left of the caption text box, you will see a downsized image of the picture you are posting. Tap on the text box.


6) Type in whatever it is that you want to say about the photo. Get people excited about your personal photography. You can post a picture of just about anything and type a caption that is to your liking.


When you’re done with the caption, click ‘ok’ at the top right corner of the screen. After you share the photo, the caption will appear underneath it for all of your followers to see.

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