How do I Use Hashtags on Instagram

Using Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are meant to express a certain idea or theme. They can be used in Instagram posts and comments to give your text a little extra excitement. Hashtags can have any string of words with them.

They are created with the number sign and appear blue when posted. Clicking on a hashtag brings people to a page with a list of posts that include that same hashtag. Contribute to existing and trending hashtags or make up your own. They’re meant to be fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Hashtags in Comments

1) When you want to comment on a post in the app, tap on the chat bubble in the bottom left corner of the post. Tap on the text box that says ‘add a comment…’ and type in what you want to say.

add comment

2) To create a hashtag, tap on the number sign. Then, type in a string of words with no spaces that you want to include in your hashtag. It can be one or more words.


3) When you post the hashtag, it will appear blue. It can be clicked on and will direct people to a new page that contains posts with the same hashtag.

Hashtags in Posts

1) You can add a hashtag in the caption section while creating a post. To get there, you first have to click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.


2) Go through the process of selecting a photo, and then choosing your filters and effects. On the last page, just before you share the post, you will see a text box at the top that says ‘write a caption…’

write a caption

3) Tap on that text box and type what you want to say. To create the hashtag, click on the number sign and choose your string of words. When you’re done, press ‘ok’ at the top right corner of the screen.


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