How do I make my Instagram Account a Private Account

Instagram – Switching to a Private Account

On Instagram, the user has control over what they post, their notification settings, security settings, and so much more.

What you do with your account and how you set it up is all up to you. Instagram gives you tons of settings and options to play around with, so take advantage of them all. One option you have is to make your Instagram account private. You can do that in a few simple steps.

1) Go to your Instagram app and then go to your profile. There is a button on the bottom right corner of your screen that looks like a silhouette of a person. Tap it to go to your profile.


2) In the top right corner of your profile, you will see an icon that looks like a gear. Tap on that icon, and you will be directed to the options page. All of your account settings will be available in that page.


3) Scroll down until you see the heading that says ‘account.’ There will be four different options under this setting. Look at the one that says ‘private account’ at the bottom.

private account

4) If your account is public, the toggle button to the right of that option will appear white. Click on it and then it will appear blue. Your account is now private.


5) To reverse that option and go back to a public account, tap on the toggle button again. A window will appear to ask you if you’re sure of this choice. If you are, press ‘ok.’

change privacy

Having a private account, just means that only your followers can view the photos and videos that you post on Instagram. Also, when a new person tries to follow you, you have the right to confirm or deny their ability to do so. You have all the control when it comes to your privacy settings.

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