How do I Delete Comments on Instagram

Deleting Comments on Instagram

When we make comments on photos, it posts in an instant. Sometimes, we accidentally post the comment too soon or we regret saying what we did. No matter what you do, you can always delete a comment. You won’t have to worry about staring at your comment for days on end and wondering where you went wrong. It’s a simple process to delete a comment and it comes with no consequences.

1) Find a post that you commented on and search for your comment. Some posts may have more comments than others so it might be difficult to find. If the comment was recent, it will be easier to locate because it will show up first.

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2) To the right of your comment, you should see an ‘x’. When you click on it, a window will pop up. In this window, you will see two options ‘cancel’ and ‘delete comment.’ If you’ve changed your mind and want to leave your comment alone, press the blue ‘cancel’ button. If you want to delete it, press the red ‘delete comment’ button.


3) Once you press delete, the comment will automatically vanish from the post.

You can only delete comments that you have posted, but there’s no limit to how many of your comments that you can delete. The comment will delete instantaneously and you’ll never have to worry about it again. Just about everything on Instagram can be altered or erased.

You’ll never have to live with a botched comment or something you’re genuinely unhappy with. Instagram wants to help all of its users have the best experience possible. They want every aspect of the website and app to be easy, fun, and in the user’s control. Instagram is meant to be enjoyable, and the people that run the site strive to make that happen every day.

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