How do I Copy the URL of an Instagram Photo

Copying the URL of an Instagram Photo

There are millions of different URLs on the internet. Those URLs connect us to all sorts of media like photos, videos, and various websites. Just about everything has a URL attached to it, including Instagram photos. If you want the URL of one of those photos in order to share it with a friend or post it on another website, you can find it easily. It just takes a few clicks to obtain, copy, and paste a URL.

1) Sign into your Instagram account and scroll through your feed of photos. When you find one that you like, click on the username of the picture’s owner. You can find that in the top left corner of the post. This will lead you to the account’s profile.


2) When you’re on the profile, click on the photo you liked. You can find it below all of the profile information. All of the photos that an account has posted will show up in chronological order. The most recent one will appear on the top left side. When you click on the photo, it will show up on the entire screen.

3) Your web browser will now be displaying the URL for that specific photo. Hold the left-click button on your mouse and scroll over the length of the URL to highlight it in blue.


4) Next, right-click over the blue highlighted portion and you will see a small window appear. That window contains a few options, one of which being ‘copy.’

5) When you know where you want to paste it, right-click again in the new location and press ‘paste.’

Now that you know how to copy it, you can send it to all of your friends or post it in various other places. Share your favorite photos with people and let them see the work of a budding Instagrammer.

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