What is Instagram

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a program that allows people to take and share photos with their friends. It’s a type of social media network that allows users to share photos and videos, as well as edit their media with exciting effects and fun filters.

Media can be shared publicly or privately and user’s accounts can connect with a variety of other social media sites. It is a website, but it is also a free mobile application available on various devices. It was launched in 2010, and has grown in the amount of users it has ever since.


What can you do on Instagram?

The core of Instagram revolves around its photo-taking feature. People can post photos and videos, but before it gets posted there are editing options available. Users can add filters, tilt the photos, and do much more. They can add captions to the photos, tag people, include hashtags, and then share them with your followers only or with the public.

When a photo is published, people can comment on and like the photo. They can also tag people in their comments and then users will be notified of that tag. Users can follow as many accounts as they’d like. They can interact with friends and maybe even some strangers.

Who can have an Instagram account?

There are no restrictions on which people can have an account. The account can be for a business, an individual, or for someone’s pet. The possibilities are unlimited. People will make an account for anything to show off their artistic skills and have fun. As long as no one disrespects another user, they can use their account for as long as they want to. Instagram is a vibrant place to be and you never know what kind of people you will come in contact with.

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