Web Programmers Sample Resume

Web Programmers Sample Resume

Web Programmers have the skills to create new web designs for their customers. Along with making the new design they are also able to work the technical aspects of the web site. Most employ themselves, but some web programmers work in computer system design or a related field.

An associate’s degree in web design is common among web programmers, but they must also have knowledge of graphic design. Projected growth for this occupation is rather high at twenty percent, and will continue to grow as more businesses find the needs nod want to get online and create a web page.

Sample Resume: Web Programmers

Full Name

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My goal as an employee of this company is to design website portals and and work with technologies that are unique, easy, and accessible to the general public. With a BBA and a strong educational background, I am dedicated to working hard with the resources given to me, and, by keeping up with the most recent advances in the IT world, I hope to help advance the companies interests in any way that I can.

Technical Skills And Personal Attributes

  • Excellent problem solver
  • Strong technical background, including programming, developing, designing interfaces,  testing and debugging code, and administering systems and networks.
  • Distinguished communication abilities and decorated public speaker
  • Easily able to form friendships with co-workers
  • Has won “Employee of the Month” at their current job at Fake Company, L.L.C.
  • Able to present information clearly to peers when giving presentations
  • Has worked as a team for numerous  group projects
  • Able to write own code or work with others to write code
  • Highly creative and intuitive to the needs of the client
  • Intelligent and quickly able to master new techniques and technologies
  • Works well in both group and self-directed working environment
  • Excellent analytical skills and able to recognize their own mistakes

Work Experience
FAKE COMPANY, L.L.C, Toledo, Ohio                              2005-present.

  • In charge of 3 web design projects  which all brought in a 20% revenue increase for Fake Company, L.L.C
  • Selected as the “Lead designer” for several technical seminars over the span of 10 years of attendance.
  • Trained 5 potential employees  via a 2 week class in which they learned the advanced internal structures of the company


  • Bachelor of Web Design, 2000
  • Member of National Honor Society

Relevant Coursework:

  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Digital Arts and Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Classical/ Modern Physics
  • Database Design
  • Web Publishing
  • Visual Communications Theory
  • Web Applications Programming

Project Highlights:

  • Served as team leader for semester-long web development project  for implication at Fake University Recreation Center. Website allowed easier access for student body and increased attendance at the facility by 10%
  • With a group of three others, I worked to design a client’s major webpage that saw approximately 1000 visitors every day , and presented by work at a class presentation which highlighted the specifications of the client’s wises and how we went about granting them

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