PC Hardware Technician Sample Resume

Computer Hardware Technician Sample Resume 1 – Sample A+ Certified Resume 1

Jake Glen Croft
572 Tree view, Harrison, NJ 07209
(819) 752-8539, Email


Experienced junior Computer Hardware Technician looking for middle level management position were strong passion for computers, troubleshooting,testing, installing, fixing and maintaining different types of computer hardware and software is utilized


  • 2 years of experience as a Computer Hardware Technician
  • CompTIA A+ certified professional with a proven track record in computer architecture
  • Highly accomplished in fixing of different types of desktop computers, laptops and motherboards
  • Detailed knowledge of embedded systems, computer networks as well as motherboard engineering
  • Hands on experience in network programming, installation and troubleshooting of LAN and WAN networks
  • Skilled at mounting hardware and installing software in a data center environment


  • Expert level of computer hardware intelligence
  • First-rate understanding of regular hardware issues, protocols and applications
  • Able to work continuously for long hours including while performing active work, bending and climbing
  • Outstanding customer service skills with the highest number of positive reviews
  • Polished communication and presentation skills
  • Capable of interfacing with peers as well as upper level management
  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills


  • Successfully collaborated in integration of a multifaceted network of both Linux and Windows environments by setting up multi-layered protocols
  • Delivered real time troubleshooting consulting services for complex computer networks at a client’s site

June 2012 – Present     Master tech Inc, New York City, NY    Junior Computer Hardware Technician

  • Install and troubleshoot standard computer networks
  • Independently repair individual and isolated PC problems
  • Ensure appropriate setting up of compound computer networks by organizing and coding systems of wires and cables
  • Identify computer problems using specific diagnostic and repair tools
  • Set up, check and maintain a range of private computing and office network systems
  • Assemble and document all system procedures as guidelines for new employees and reference materials for computer technicians
  • Ensure thorough inventory of computer related supplies is recorded and maintained

Associate degree in Computer architecture, New Jersey Community College, 2012

St. Bart High School Diploma- 2010


Computer Hardware Technician Sample Resume 2 – Sample A+ Certified Resume 2

Tara P. Bradley
43 Wood bridge Tree Avenue, Dallas, TX 64799
Phone: (123) 456-7890
Email: [email protected]


Resourceful and committed computer specialist with 5 years’ considerable expertise in computer hardware systems. Well-versed in supplying quality first rate assistance and customer support. Proven and demonstrated skill to efficiently arrange perform orders and tickets. Track record of managing and maintaining an efficient and harmless work environment.


  • Installation: Multiple types of hardware, windows, Linux and Mac systems, software, applications and antivirus
  • Troubleshooting: Accurate identification of hardware problems or failures, desktop computers, laptop, printer, computer servers and workstations management
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux and Macintosh
  • Computer Networks: LAN/WAN/MAN, Cabling
  • User Account Administration and customer training
  • Customer Service, including direct interfacing with end users of computer systems
  • Software expertise such as MS Office Suite, open source software, different types of antivirus and other productivity applications
  • CompTIA A+ certified technician


Computer Hardware Technician | PC Direct Technologies, Dallas, TX                        March 2011 – Present

  • Install software and hardware on standalone individual computers
  • Ensure care of peripheral devices and end-user workstations
  • Help in supplying desktop computer program options
  • Respond to requests from customers or internal non-tech employees
  • Handle testing processes for computer software applications and recently installed hardware
  • Help with network processes, monitoring them to ensure efficient performance and troubleshooting when needed
  • Provide the network system administrator with back-up
  • Install and upgrade anti-virus software constantly


  • Designed and implemented a more effective network system protocols leading to optimal functioning of workstations
  • Troubleshot an incredibly difficult software issue using a standalone PC

Desktop and Laptop computer Support Technician | Certiology, Houston, TX             Aug 2009 – Jan 2011

  • Solved customer difficulties in the topic of software issues and PC hardware
  • Installed new hardware ensuring full integration with currently existing systems
  • Kept related and network devices allocated appropriate resources for efficient functioning
  • Prepared reviews on network and network applications monitoring how and comparing their performance against historical data
  • Coordinated with IT network suppliers and liaised with buyers in regards to any specialized queries
  • Supplied standby assistance on PC-related problems to all of the end users, as needed
  • Performed additional support related duties as assigned


  • Presented an anti-virus solution that intersected both WANs and LANs networks utilizing a single network server for control
  • Created a do-it-yourself guide, to be used by non-tech users in troubleshooting uncomplicated PC issues on their own, so as save time for computer technicians.

Computer Technical Intern | Unitech, Houston, TX                       Jan 2010 – Aug 2010

  • Helped in maintaining and installing PC systems
  • Supplied troubleshooting services that were small
  • Recorded troubleshooting tasks and planning specialized logs
  • Helped in handling computer networks that were configuring

Montgomery University, Houston, TX

Bachelors in Computer Engineering – 2010           GPA: 3.56

CompTIA A+ certification              2011

Computer Hardware Technician Sample Resume 3 – Sample A+ Certified Resume 3

Adam Tasman
75 Mulberry Street, West Oxford, CT 08756
Phone: (459) 575-9929
Email: [email protected]


Fully qualified energetic and hardworking Computer PC service-professional, with 7 years track record of screening, fixing and troubleshooting notebook and desktop computers as well as computer peripherals. Hands on expertise in installing and configuring software. In depth understanding of protocols and contemporary MAN, WAN and LAN systems. Proven skill to use a variety of software and hardware testing tools and techniques. CompTIA A+ certified technician


  • Antivirus Installation and Virus Detection
  • Back-Up Care
  • Driver Search and Setup
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Patches Setup and installation
  • Data Recovery and maintenance
  • Hardware Locating and purchasing
  • Windows program Cleaning


Software Solutions, East Oxford, CT| Computer Services Specialist | January 2011 – Present

  • Provide technical support to businesses and individuals ensuring maximum levels of customer service
  • Prepare computers for installation or dismantling for recycling
  • Install operating Windows and Linux systems and environments as needed
  • Configure and install hardware as required depending on company departments
  • Place complex networks using cables, routers, modems and wireless devices
  • Carry out routine computer hardware care responsibilities to ensure system efficiency
  • Execute preventive maintenance duties such as refining security protocols and running antivirus updates
  • Maintain logs for all computer activities for reference materials in case of system failure
  • Supply technical assistance to employees in other departments and company offices
  • Provide proactive monitoring and precautionary hardware maintenance for all company locations
  • Supervision of junior employees and assigning of responsibilities while ensuring a mentoring work environment

Utility Hardware Corporation – Stamford, CT | Hardware Technician | June 2007 – December 2010

  • Tracked and reacted to software and hardware issues
  • Installed and configured software and network hardware
  • Provided network maintenance and support services
  • Trained end users of computers on use and fixing of minor hardware or software problems
  • Managed network security, firewalls and antivirus updates
  • Documented hardware processes and backed up file-server data


University of Connecticut, Fair field, CT | BS. Computer Networks Systems            GPA 3.45

CompTIA A+ certification              2008


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • High level analytical and researching skills for managing complex tasks

Emphasis on professional and quality work ethic


Computer Hardware Technician Sample Resume 4 – Sample A+ Certified Resume 4

James Carrington Jr.
237 Apartment B, Wilshire Road
Jersey City, NJ 07856
Phone: 987-654-3210

Highly qualified Computer Hardware Technician with thorough background in hardware, software, IT network administration and computer repair. Strong leadership skills and proven ability to supervise, mentor and coordinate work teams. I TIL Foundation certified and CompTIA – A+ Certified


MTG Technical Solutions | Harrison, NJ 07548 | Computer Hardware Supervisor | January 2008 – Current

  • Monitor the installation software systems and hardware
  • Schedule routine updating of software and hardware supervising to ensure smooth transition between updates
  • Perform maintenance and repair task for existing hardware
  • Troubleshoot various computer problems and ensure appropriate reporting is executed
  • Set up computer-security measures as well as test or revise current protocols
  • Offer technical assistance for customers via e-mail, telephone or on site
  • Install, evaluate and upgrade computer equipment including applications, computer systems, servers, hardware peripherals and software
  • Ensure protection, management and the maintenance of hardware
  • Diagnose and deal with system glitches or failures ensuring that the problems are fully fixed
  • Write different technical files and procedures for use in training, reporting or compliance
  • Provide user-support for the original training on software and hardware
  • Screen and responds to software and hardware queries
  • Perform inventory and asset-management tasks related to IT property infrastructure
  • Organize staff duty schedules and ensure firm supervision so all responsibilities are executed at a high level
  • Configuring computer networks or make recommendations for changes to the networks


  • Excellent listening and comprehension skills
  • Diagnostic skills and ability to see the big picture
  • Superior adaptability skills with a minimal learning curve
  • Good communication and leadership skills
  • High ability to teach technical material to end users
  • Independence


  • Outstanding knowledge of computer operating systems including Windows, Unix and Linux
  • Effective at Office, Productivity and messaging software
  • Excellent knowledge of Relational databases and proficient in SQL programming
  • Skilled at web-based architectures
  • Competent computer systems troubleshooter and solutions provider
  • High degree of customer service oriented
  • Successful time management with the ability to supervise junior employees and managing complex system problems at the same time.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Networking, University of Marymount, NJ           GPA: 3.67
  • Associates Degree in Computer Science, Hartfield Community College, NJ            GPA: 3.88
  • ITIL Foundation certification 2012

CompTIA – A+ Certified Computer Technician 2011

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