Computer Hardware Technician and Network Administrator Resume Skills

The Importance of Having a Technical Skills Section in Your IT Resume

Its absolutely vital that when looking for an IT job you need to have a full and rich technical skills section, also called technical qualifications section. This will make it much easier for managers to pick the person with the most technical skills. While other features are valued, like initiative, leadership, writing ability, customer service and teamwork, these skills will very often take a backseat to your technical expertise. Filling this out correctly and completely makes it much easier for managers to see your history, work experience, and skill level so they can compare it to the other resumes.

It’s the best way to showcase your important skills, and in an IT resume it’s absolutely necessary to include it. The goal is to write detailed bullet points of your technical skills and break it down into subcategories so the reader can easily pick up the specific skills they are looking for.

Listed below are some of the skills you could put in your technical skills section of your IT resume.

Computer hardware technician technical skills:

Computer and electronics

–          Practical experience with computer assembly and disassembly
–          Experience with computer maintenance
–          Experience and understanding of motherboards and circuit boards
–          Knowledge of circuit designs of monitor
–          Experience with processors and chips
–          Experience with general electronic equipment and computer hardware and software
–          Complete understanding of computer hardware
–          Complete technical understanding and use of software
–          Knowledge of printer and cartridge refilling
–          Knowledge of digital and analog embedded computer hardware
–          Experience with applications and programing
–          Experience installing software and applications to a personal standard
–          Trouble shooting of personal computers and on-line support to customers with hardware or software problems
–          Trouble shooting desktops, laptops and servers
–          Troubleshooting skills in problems with complex software and hardware
–          Experience Installing and configuring peripheral parts, components and drivers
–          Complete understanding of all phases of SMPS and UPS
–          Knowledge and experience with power supply units
–          Knowledge of network cards and video graphics card
–          Knowledge of hard disk controller card on PC systems
–          Knowledge and use of security systems and firewalls 

Network Administrator Technical Skills

–          Ability to configure and maintain organizations internal computer network
–          Expert experience with troubleshooting computer hardware related problems

  • Troubleshooting UPS and SMPS
  • Troubleshooting printers and devices

–          Management and maintenance of servers, pc’s, routers and switches
–          Experience managing network security tools
–          Experience managing firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems
–          Identifying network performance issues
–          Configuration of network equipment’s
–          Managing and maintenance of network equipment’s
–          Troubleshooting, solving and documenting network connectivity issues
–          Installing an configuring workstations

  • Installing workstations for IP/IPX based LAN

–          Experience implementing HP-Open view for management of networks
–          Monitoring servers using BMC patrol express
–          Installation and support of hardline telephones
–          Installation, configuration and administration of network technologies
–          Experience installing and configuring DHCP Client/Server
–          Experience with general telecommunication devices
–          Experience monitoring network performance
–          Backup management reporting and recovery

  • Experience with disaster recovery and backup

–          Experience installing firewalls and virus protection and elimination
–          Optimization of the network for optimal speeds and availability
–          Installing configuring and maintaining network harder, applying as well to routers and switches for the company
–          Experience with deploying, configuring and upgrading network software, for example the use of enterprise antivirus or running diagnostic programs
–          Experience with maintenance of MS exchange environment

  • Configuration Microsoft Outlook
  • Configuration of Microsoft Express

–          Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Express
–          Ability to implement emergency backup and main backup systems
–          Ability to restore systems for mission critical network servers
–          Experience with regulating user access for network administrators to regulate access to sensitive files and protect against internal and external security breaches
–          Experience with setup and management of security administration port security on switch and IP security on router via access list
–          Experience with designing and implementation of a customers network infrastructure and installation and setup
–          End user desktop support and maintenance of servers and other networked devices
–          Help negotiations with customers concerning hardware, software and circuit contracts
–          Experience redesigning copper and fiber cable plans for scalability in customers offices
–          Experience with training on Microsoft server 2003 and OS Windows XP
–          Training with basic skills of Linux
–          Experience working well with Linux environment
–          Training completed for Cisco Certifications

  • Completed CCNA Training
  • Completed MCP training
  • Completed MCSA training
  • Completed ADCHN training

–          Training of troubleshooting hardware devices
–          Work documentation using Visio, Excel and MS word
–          Experience producing monthly work status report and updating technology specific documents

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