Help Desk Support Resume Sample

Help Desk Support Resume Sample

The below are two examples of CVs for IT Help Desk Support jobs.  IT Help Desk support staff do a variety of supporting roles; mainly they assist end-users in a range of technical software and hardware issues.  End-users (clients) can submit their requests for help over a telephone call or an email system that has been set up for this purpose. Therefore, a daily task of an IT desk support representative may be fielding these calls and logging the different technical problem jobs that come through.

Therefore, customer care skills are an important feature to highlight on an IT help desk support resume. As well as this, help desk support staff also have a good level of technical knowledge and proficiency they to be able to assist with more low-level and less complex IT issues.

These could be related to a company’s Intranet system, a minor hardware issue, a user account issue or something similar.  Overall, the role of IT Help Desk support staff is to offer technical support to end-users and to assist in ensuring that any issues are resolved in an efficient way.

Help Desk Support Resume Sample 1

Adam Lille

Address: 91 Crwys Road, Cardiff, CF11 2DS
Tel: 01292 253161        Mobile: 0772236123        Email: [email protected]

IT Help Desk Support


I am an experienced help desk support team member with 3 years of experience in the field.  I have provided first line technical support in a variety of work settings and have been a key team member for many helpdesk team projects.  In my time at my current company, I have been pivotal as a support member in several implementations, roll-outs of updates and patches and the support and administration of the company Intranet.  I am competent and high qualified in a number of technical areas. I am now looking for new career opportunities in order to get more experience and further advance in my career.

Professional Experience

Help Desk Support Team Member

Anglia Ruskin IT Services, UK
2012 – Present
Job overview:
Providing 1st line technical support online and over the phone for clients.
Able to assist with remote technical issues using specialist software
Problem solving and troubleshooting events such as the nature of faults and the steps needed to resolve them.
Creating user accounts and then assisting in the regular maintenance and technical support delivery of these accounts.
Able to write up statistical and progress reports for supervising managers.
Logging and prioritising client and end-user support calls for the 2nd line support team in order to create an efficient work stream process overall.  Also closing these jobs when normal service has resumed in a timely fashion.
Ability to track, report on and monitor all the Help Desk incidents within the defined customer service levels of what is required.
Also able to document and maintain the Help Desk’s policies and procedures to ensure everything runs efficiently and smoothly.
Able to use remote control software tools as well to assist with providing fault diagnosis and eventual resolution too.

Key skills and competencies:
Strong communicator and excellent team-player.
Highly proficient in resolving client queries and troubleshooting issues.
Having strong problem solving skills and working well under pressure
Having a good understanding of hardware set-ups and configurations for PCs

BSc Computer Science – 1st
Anglia Ruskin University
2009 – 2012

3 A Level’s: Maths (A), IT (A) Science (A)
The Orchard Sixth Form
2007 – 2009

11 GCSEs: 3 A*s, 3 A’s, 5 B’s
The Orchard Secondary School
2002 – 2007


City and Guilds Professional IT Qualification

Available on request

IT Support Sample Resume 2

Nathan Everett
Help Desk Support Representative
Address: 11 City Rd, Cardiff, CF11 EDS.  Mobile: 07871274651.   Email: [email protected]

Qualification Highlights:
A strong communicator and very good teamplayer who has worked in two different companies delivering high-quality technical support to end-user clients. Having been a very technically proficient individual who has assisted with problem solving and troubleshooting a variety of problems to ensure overall smooth operations and running of company workstations, I am now seeking to gain more experience in a new environment.  I am also very functionally proficient. I have over 5 years of experience working within this sector.

Core competencies and strengths: Highly focused individual with a comprehensive understanding of dealing with 1st line support calls and in depth knowledge of ITIL processes.  Have a track record of successfully employing best business practices to improve efficiency, reduce running costs and increase company performance overall.

Educational qualifications:
BSc Computer Science – 1st
Lincoln University
2007 – 2010

3 A Level’s: Geography (B), IT (A) Science (A)
East Lane Technical College
2005 – 2007

11 GCSEs: 4 A*s, 2 A’s, 3 B’s and 2 C’s
East Lane School
2001 – 2007

Professional Experience:
Hexa IT Solutions Ltd            London, UK        2010 – Present
Help Desk Support Representative
Key responsibilities include:
•    Providing efficient 1st line technical support on the phone and over email
•    Updating the self-help documents so that both customers and employees can try to fix problems themselves which assist the overall helpdesk team in reducing workload and improving the overall efficiency of the service provided
•    Working alongside clients/end-users/employees to help them to identify what the computer problems are and advising them on the solution, working with other members of the helpdesk team to troubleshoot and come up with solutions
•    Logging and keeping records up to date for customer/employee issues and queries
•    Further assisting to improve the overall efficiency of the helpdesk team by analysing call logs and trying to spot common trends and underlying problems to better understand the nature of the issues that the helpdesk team deals with. This is smart working and allows a better understanding overall of the bigger issues or reoccurring issues that the team could work to improve on.
•    Working alongside field engineers to visit end-users for more serious problems
•    Working on fault identification and resolution remotely
•    Testing and fixing faulty equipment/hardware.
Key skills include:
•    Analytical thinking
•    Good customer care skills
•    Up-to-date technical knowledge

Available on request

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