How do I Change My Picture on Twitter Profile

Changing Your Picture from Your Twitter Profile

We all like having updated photos on our Twitter profiles. If you want to put a fresh new photo on your profile, it’s a simple process. Your profile is under your control. You can design it to look exactly the way you want. If you want to change your picture, feel free to do so.

1) Change your photo by going to your profile. Get there by clicking on your name on the left hand side of Twitter’s homepage. Or, you can click on your profile picture in the top right corner and then press ‘view profile’ at the top of the drop down list.


2) When your profile page loads, click on the ‘edit profile’ button to the far right of your profile picture.


3) Over your current profile picture, there should now be the words ‘change your profile picture’ with the image of a camera above them. Click on the words.

change your  profile photo

4) A drop down list will appear. You can choose to upload a photo from your computer, take a photo with your webcam, or remove the existing photo. Press ‘upload photo’ to select a new photo.


5) Next, a window will appear that shows all of your computer documents. Select a photo that you want to include and then press ‘open.’


6) In another photo, click and drag the picture to fit it within the box outline. You can also zoom in and out by sliding the circle below the picture along the line.


7) Once you’re happy with how it looks, press ‘apply’ in the bottom right corner of the window.


8) To solidify the changes, press the blue ‘save changes’ button on the far right.

save changes

The new photo will now show up on your profile. It may take a moment for the profile picture attached to your tweets to update, but be patient.

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