How to create a custom list on twitter

Creating a Custom List on Twitter

Lists are a compilation of different Twitter accounts with the purpose of organizing a person’s interests. Anyone can make a list and include several different accounts. It’s a convenient way to have a group of accounts in one place, making them easier to find.

You are able to follow lists created by other people, and you can also create your own.

1) Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the main Twitter page. A drop down list will appear, and then you need to click on the one that says ‘lists’, which is the second option down from the top.


2) Look to the right, and you will see a heading that says ‘create a list.’ Just below that is a button that says ‘create new list’ and that’s where you need to click.

create a new list

3) A window will pop up where you need to input all the information. There will be two text boxes at the top of the window. The top one is where you type your list’s name and the second one is for adding a description of the list.

list name

4) Next, you will see a heading called ‘privacy.’ Decide whether you want to make this list public or private by clicking on the bubble to the left of the appropriate word. After that, press ‘save list.’


5) Once the list is saved, you will be directed to the page for that particular list. In the middle, you will see a text box under a heading ‘find people to add to your list.’ Type in a user’s name and then press ‘search.’

find people

6) Click on the gear icon when you see a person’s name that you want to include. A drop down list will appear and then you can press ‘add or remove from lists…’

add remove

7) Then, select which list you want them in.

select which list

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