How to pin a tweet on twitter

Pinning a Tweet on Twitter

When you pin a tweet to your profile, that tweet will always be seen at the top. This tweet can be any of the ones that you posted about any topic. Pin a tweet that promotes something exciting or tells people what kind of person you are.

You can change the pinned tweet whenever you want, but it has to be your own post. Whenever you pin a tweet to your profile, everyone that views your profile will see that tweet first.

1) Start by going to your profile. You can do so by clicking on your name on the left side of the twitter homepage. You can also click on your profile picture at the top right corner of the screen. A drop down list will appear, and then you can click on the first option that says ‘view profile.’


2) Once you’ve been redirected to your profile, scroll through your Twitter timeline. Find one of your best tweets. When you’ve chosen which one you want to pin, click on the button that looks like three dots in a line. This is found at the bottom right corner of the tweet.


3) When you click on it, a drop down list of options will appear. The middle option says ‘pin to your profile page.’ That’s where you need to click next.


4) Next, a window will pop up to confirm your decision. Once you pin the new tweet, the one that was previously pinned can no longer be viewed at the top. You can only have one pinned tweet at a time. If this tweet is the one you want, press ‘pin’ in the bottom right corner of the window.


The tweet will then be moved to the top of your profile and you’re ready to go. Update the pinned tweet whenever you want.

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