How to Turn Off Retweets from a Twitter User

Turning off Retweets from a Twitter User

Sometimes your Twitter newsfeed might get clogged up with too many tweets. Some of the tweets are so irrelevant to you that you want to get rid of them completely. Many users are constantly retweeting tweets.

Turning off your ability to see those retweets is a great way to thin out your newsfeed. With a few easy steps, those retweets will be gone in no time.

1) The easiest way to start off is by going to your list of people you follow on your profile page. To get to your profile, click on your name on the left hand side of the Twitter homepage.

your profile

2) On your profile, you will see a row of tabs just below your header image. Click on the one that says ‘following’ near the middle.


3) Now that you have a complete list of people you follow at your fingertips, find the users that you want to turn off retweets for. When you find someone, you will see an image of a gear to the left of the blue button that says ‘following’ and to the right of the person’s profile picture.


4) When you click on the gear, a drop down list will appear. There is an option third up from the bottom that says ‘turn off retweets.’ Click on it.

turn off retweets

After clicking that option, the preference will instantly save. You will no longer see retweets from that particular person. You can turn it back on at any time by following the same process. You’re allowed to have some control over what you see on your Twitter newsfeed.

It’s your account and you have the right to enjoy it. Twitter gives its users a plethora of options for their settings and the appearance of their account. Twitter wants to appeal to a wide range of people and make the experience enjoyable for all.

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