How to Share a Tweet on Twitter

How to Share a Tweet on Twitter: Sharing a Tweet

Twitter allows users to share all sorts of media and information on the site. They can do so publicly and privately. If someone ever finds a tweet that they want to share with one of their followers, they can very easily. All it takes is a few clicks and you’ll be sharing tweets in no time.

1) Find a tweet that you want to share. The tweet can be found on your newsfeed or your profile timeline. When you find the tweet that you want to share, look at the bottom of it and see a row of options to click on.


2) There is a button that looks like three dots in a row. It is beside the ‘favorite’ button. When you click on the row of dots, a drop down list of options will appear.


3) The top option of this list will say ‘share via direct message.’ Click on that option and a new window will pop up. The window is meant for creating a new message. At the top of the window is a text box. Click on the box and type in the username of the person that you want to share it with. You will be able to enter more than one name. Once you’ve chosen the names, click ‘next’ in the bottom right corner.


4) Now, you can type in a personalized message to send with the tweet. Type the message into the text box below the shared tweet. Once you’re happy with the message, press ‘send.’


The moment you hit send, the person will receive the message in their direct messages inbox. They will be notified of the message and can view it whenever they’d like. You can share as many tweets as you’d like and send them to multiple people at once. Share your favorite tweets with everyone.

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