How to retweet other tweets

Retweeting another Tweets

All tweets have a function that allows other users to retweet them. It’s a button at the bottom of tweets that looks like two arrows moving in a continuous rectangle. When you retweet something the button will appear green.

You can only retweet a single tweet one time, though, you can retweet as many different posts as you’d like.

Posts that you retweet will appear on your profile timeline. You can undo your retweet by clicking the same button again. Any tweet can be retweeted, even if it’s not the original post. For example, if someone you follow retweets something you can retweet it from your follower and from the person that originally tweeted it.

1) The retweet button is found on every tweet at the bottom. It is between the arrow button meant for replying and the heart button meant to mark it as a favorite. You may see a number to the right of the button which is a running total of how many people have retweeted it.


2) When you click on the retweet button, a window will appear. At the top there will be a text box where you can write a message that will connect to the original tweet.

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3) The original post will show up below the text box. Once you’re ready to tweet it, press the blue ‘retweet’ button in the bottom right corner. The number that is beside the ‘tweet’ button is the number of characters you have left to include in your text box. The blue button will appear as ‘retweet’ when you are posting it with no added material. It will show up as ‘tweet’ if you’ve written something in the text box.


After that, it will be tweeted to all of your followers. You can undo it at any time by clicking the retweet button again.

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