How to Follow and Connect Someone on Twitter

Following and Connecting with Someone on Twitter

When people want to gain followers, they may have to start doing some following themselves. There is no limit to how many people you can follow and vice versa. Following people gives you access to their tweets and their tweets will also show up on your twitter feed.

Following Accounts

1) One way to follow someone is by looking at the ‘who to follow’ section on the main Twitter page. It is located on the right side.


2) To follow one of the suggestions, simply click on the button that says ‘follow’ below their name.

3) Another way to follow people is through their profile. To find someone’s profile, you can use the search bar at the top right corner.


4) Type in the real name of a person or company or input their username. Once you’ve found the right name, click on it and you’ll be directed to their profile.


5) To follow them, click on the follow button in the top right corner of the profile. If the account is public, you will instantly follow them. If it’s private, you will have to wait for the person to accept your follow and then you will have access to their tweets.


Connecting with Someone

When you’re on someone’s profile, you may be able to contact them. It all depends on their privacy settings. Look to the left on their profile, just below their picture. You may see two buttons. One will say ‘tweet to’ and the other will say ‘message.’


Press ‘tweet to’ if you want to send them a public tweet. Your tweet to them will show up on your profile and in their notifications page. Your followers will be able to see the tweet. If you want something more private click ‘message.’ That way only you and the recipient will see the message.

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