How to Share Videos on Twitter

Sharing Videos on Twitter

Twitter is about more than posting tweets full of text and emoticons. You can include things like links, polls, photos, and videos. You can share all sorts of things with people and show off your unique style. If you want to share a video with someone, you can do it right within a tweet. Follow these steps to share a video.

1) Go to your main Twitter page and find the text box at the top middle. That’s where you type tweets. You can also start creating a tweet by pressing the button in the top right corner that says ‘tweet’ with a quill image to the left of it.


2) Start typing the words you want to say. Then, click the camera icon in the bottom left corner of the status text box.


3) Next, a window will pop up that shows you all of your computer documents. Select a video that you want to share and then press open.


4) Another window will show up that allows you to trim the video to a maximum of thirty seconds long. You can preview the video and make sure that you’re okay with what’s being shown. You can turn the volume on or off to make things easier for you as well. Once you’re happy with the clip that you’ve chosen, press the blue ‘done’ button in the bottom right corner.


5) The video sample will show up below the text box. Once you’re ready to post your tweet, press the blue ‘tweet’ button.

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The moment you publish it, it will show up on the newsfeed and your timeline. Your followers will be able to enjoy, reply, retweet, and favorite it, just like any other tweet. You can share as many videos as you want, but you can only post one video in a single tweet.

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