How to reset my twitter password

Resetting Your Twitter Password

To ensure that your account is always safe from hackers, it would be wise to change your password every once in a while. Twitter does everything possible to secure your account and gives you many options to do so. Make sure you know your security options to keep your information protected.

1) Click on your profile picture at the top right corner of the screen. A drop down list will appear, and then you must click on ‘settings’ near the end.


2) On the settings page, there will be a tab that says ‘password’ on the left side of the screen. This tab is the third from the top. Click on it.


3) In the text box at the top, type in what your current password is. In the subsequent text boxes entitled ‘new password’ and ‘verify password’, type in your new password. You have to type it twice so that Twitter can verify it.

new password

4) To the right of the text box for ‘new password’ you will see a word that will gauge the strength of your password. If it’s a good password, it may say ‘strong.’ This will help you to make sure that your password is good enough to protect your account.


5) Once you’re happy with your new password, click ‘save changes.’

save changes

Now your password is officially changed. Make sure you can remember it without letting too many of your friends or family know what the password is. Of course you can trust those people, but the fewer amount of people who know your password the safer you’ll be. Safety and security is a big concern with the internet these days. There are a lot of people that like to stir up trouble on the internet. Make sure you take every precaution necessary to protect yourself and all of your social media accounts.

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