How to Sign up for twitter

How to Sign Up for Twitter

For those of you who don’t have Twitter accounts that have finally decided to get one, here’s how to sign up.

1) Go to ‘’ in your web browser. Then, press the button that says ‘sign up’ in the top right corner of the screen.


2) You will be directed to a new page. In the appropriate text boxes, type in your name, e-mail address or phone number, and then decide on a password for your account. After that, press ‘sign up.’

sign up

3) Select your country and then type in your phone number if you wish. If you do type it in, press ‘next.’ If not, press ‘skip.’


4) Now comes the most important part – choosing a username. Type in your desired username or select one from the suggestions below the text box. Then, you can click ‘next.’ You can also skip this part for now.

choose name

5) Next, Twitter will welcome you. Click the blue ‘let’s go!’ button.

lets go

6) Choose what your interests are from a long list. If you like a topic click on the box to the left of it and a blue checkmark will appear. Then, press ‘continue’ in the top right corner of the page.


7) Twitter will use your list of interests to suggest which accounts you may want to follow. Scroll through and uncheck them if you wish. After that, press ‘follow & continue.’


8) Next, you can choose a profile picture. Click on the camera icon in the middle of the screen to upload it from your computer and then press ‘continue.’ You can also skip this step for now.

add photo

9) Now you can decide if you want to upload contacts from your e-mail accounts to find more people to follow. Skip this step or click on an e-mail button in the top right corner.

e-mail button

Now you’re ready to tweet after confirming your account’s e-mail address.

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