What is retweet

What is Retweet?

Retweet is a word that is unique to Twitter. It means that you have reposted something that somebody else wrote. Any post can be retweeted, but the audience for the post varies for each user. Retweeting shows people that you either like the post or you want to share it with your friends.

The more retweets a post gets the more popular and visible it will be on Twitter. You can retweet as many things as you want, but you can only retweet a single post at one time.

Where is the retweet button?

This button is found below every post. The button looks like two arrows moving in a continuous square shape. It is found between the reply button, which is a curved arrow, and the favorite button, which is a heart.



When you click on that button, a window will pop up. You can add a comment about the tweet and it will appear with the original tweet when you post it. You can also leave it as is. Click the ‘retweet’ button when you’re done.


Whenever you retweet something, that button will appear green. Beside all retweet buttons, there is a number that represents how many people have retweeted it in total.

Beside all retweet buttons

The retweeted post will appear on your profile page. You can remove it by clicking on the retweet button again. People will know that the post is a retweet because it is indicated at the top of the post. It will have the retweeter’s name and the green retweet symbol beside it.

retweeter’s name

Twitter provides a variety of ways for people to share what they like. You can retweet as many things as you’d like and spread the word about a particular post. You may be doing it to help out a friend or just for the sake of doing so.

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