How to Post Links in a Tweet on Twitter

Posting Links in a Tweet

Twitter users can post just about anything on their Twitter account from photos and videos to links and polls. Posting a link is a simple task. When it’s posted it can be clicked on by anyone that sees the tweet. All links are highlighted in blue.

If the link doesn’t work for some reason, people could copy and paste the link into their web browser. People can share links if they want to promote a particular website or share something that they like with their followers. As long as the characters fit in the tweet, it can be posted.

1) Start by clicking on the text box for posting tweets, which is in the middle of the main Twitter page. You can also create a tweet by clicking on the blue ‘tweet’ button in the top right corner of the screen.


2) Type in something that you want to say about the link you’re sharing. Then, open the particular web page you want to share in your web browser.

3) Hold the left-click on your mouse and then scroll over the website name. Next, right-click over top the blue highlighted area and press ‘copy.’ After that, click on the text box where you are creating your tweet. Right-click within the box and then press ‘paste.’ The link will then show up in the tweet.


Alternative ways to copy and paste are with your keyboard. Hold the control key and then click ‘c’ to copy the highlighted portion. Hold the control key and click ‘v’ to paste the link in a new location.

As soon as you post your tweet, all of your followers will be able to view it. They can click on the link that you shared directly through your tweet. Post a link for just about anything and share it with your friends.

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